QTrace Food Safety and Traceability Software Solution

QTrace connects producers, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers across food supply chains through a secure, permission based food system data network creating a smarter, safer, more sustainable food system for all.

Our solution increases food safety, creates supply chain efficiencies, reduces recall impact, enhances your brand’s reputation, and contributes directly to your bottom line.

It's easy to get started with QTrace and you will find detailed information clear, easy-to-work-with, and actionable.

Product Traceability

QTrace provides a true farm-to-fork food traceability network, based on industry recognized best practices using GS1 Standards for traceability by product and location. Identify and track raw materials, components and products through all stages of receipt, production, processing and distribution. Combine critical tracking events of these products and ingredients at the batch lot level and provide a real-time visualization of your supply chains, allowing you to trace back to a material’s source at any time.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management features in QTrace help keep information up to date, ensure that certifications are tracked, co-ordinate communication, provide automatic notifications, set information access permissions and provides communication and collaboration during recalls.

Recall Management

Recalls cost companies millions of dollars. Speed and information accuracy are vital during a recall situation. Required documentation and corrective action plans required have to be delivered immediately. QTrace will get you prepared. Recall progress is tracked in real-time to deliver the most up-to-date information to every concerned stakeholder. After a recall, location and product-level data can be analyzed to help identify areas of improvement to reduce future risk and potential legal exposure by providing a detailed history of events throughout the entire process.

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